TuWing is a disruptive technology driven company for research and development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of innovative automotive IP-protected products with an outstanding CO2-footprint reduction potential and it will profit from the future CO2 emission trading.

TuWing has developed X-TEC, a truck upgrade with significant fuel saving results with a low production cost that will be highly attractive for end-users especially at increasing diesel fuel prices and at increasing demand of extended range for long-haul E-trucks without payload disadvantages. X-TEC is an all-new, ground-breaking and reliable technology providing at least 20% fuel saving for long-haul trucks without logistical disadvantages. It provides a desperately needed short-cut to achieving a significant reduction in highly polluting diesel emissions, especially considering that the transition to CO2-free powertrains for long-haul trucks is widely considered to be decades away from achievability without any disadvantages.

Dr. Peter Albrecht

Email: info@tuwing.de

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