Staex is a software platform that is tailored for the smart city industry and provides a unique first in the world distributed infrastructure, aka swarm cloud, with secure networking between devices and services, a secure blockchain backbone, and the freedom to install applications where use cases need it, even if its a lightweight IoT machine.

Right now, Staex is used by our customers for building future-proof infrastructures for smart cities. In such a heterogeneous IT landscape with public and private sectors, multiple vendors, and municipalities with a variety of IoT machines and sensors it’s almost impossible to harmonize the landscape with existing Cloud solutions.

We are solving this problem with Staex. Our infrastructure solution is flexible for extensible energy systems being part of a bigger smart city infrastructure. We provide an instantly scalable, building-block-esque infrastructure layer that does not need to be reconfigured with the addition or removal of new hardware, clouds, or shared services. With no vendor lock-in, Energy providers can build efficient and secure peer-2-peer energy systems of the future. By being installed directly on smart meters, Staex also helps the energy sector to build sustainable IT instarastructurs by using the computational power of every device.

Staex is what an efficient, secure and sustainable infrastructure for energy looks like.

Anna Shepelenko

Head of Marketing

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