Green hydrogen is the oil of the 21st century. Enapter designs and builds one of the most efficient electrolysers for green hydrogen production. We strive to make electrolysers a commodity – a modular and scalable product just like the solar panel. Our product is demonstrated and readily available in the market. We are currently scaling production to deliver low-cost devices that will produce hydrogen for industrial and commercial purposes, energy storage, transport, or fuel for heating.

The energy sector is slow to respond to digital change. We believe successful energy players of the future think energy in terms of hardware and software being inseparable. With a strong background in software in our team, we use this opportunity: Enapter’s software-defined Energy Management System (EMS) is a decentralized energy system controller. It is capable to configure, control and monitor energy systems and as well as individual (hydrogen) components. Our approach is to build the EMS as an operating system for any energy system that offers core functionality and can easily be built upon to accommodate for individual  needs via open collaboration tools.

Our goal at Enapter is to make green hydrogen cheaper than fossil fuels. Find a brief overview here www.enapter.com/presentation


Julian Molz  

Business Developer 

Email: jmolz@enapter.com


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