Dilax is an APC system solutions expert for local and regional public transport. The Berlin-based company develops and produces both hardware and software to improve public mobility services with precise data. The latest sensor generation uses structured light to detect people entering and aligning a vehicle. The new sensor DILAX SLS-1000 also identifies and counts objects such as bicycles and wheelchairs. The sensors can be updated to include further object classes using AI.  

Dilax solutions are used in buses, subways, trains, and trams of public transport operators and authorities in over 2,000 cities worldwide. The collected data are analyzed with DILAX Citisense to provide KPIs for public transport services, to understand how people move around the city. Based on these insights the service of public mobility in urban areas are improved. Since the pandemic, APC data are also used to measure occupancy in real-time and to share the information and the anticipated load level with passengers in an app. Public transport operators and agencies use DILAX Citisense to improve and develop their fleet, service and agility.

Dilax’s international customers include transport operators, transport associations and vehicle manufacturers, well-known retailers, and shopping centers, as well as project developers, urban planners, and local authorities. Dilax counting data and solutions are used to design cities for people – with attractive and inclusive public mobility and public spaces that invite all people to be part of the city. 

Sarah Kuhwald

Marketing Manager

Email: Sarah.kuhwald@dilax.com


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