Berlin Business Office USA

Strengthening the Connectivity between Berlin and the USA

We offer cost-free and confidential location advisory services, as Berlin’s economic development office in the USA and part of Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

We promote

  • Berlin-based companies expanding to the U.S.
  • U.S.-based companies expanding to Berlin
  • Berlin’s startup ecosystem

Berlin companies interested in exploring and entering the U.S. market, we open doors to across sectors, associations, economic development offices, science and research institutions, consulates, accelorators and more. We help with choosing a location that is based on your specific expansion requirements. We keep Berlin companies informed of opportunities to promote their business in the U.S., for example, networking events, delegations, conferences, and speaking/pitching opportunities.

For U.S. companies expanding to Berlin, we highlight Berlin’s unique offerings in industry, science, academics, and tech foster that contribute to its competitive edge.

Decision-makers get comprehensive information and guidance from site selection to final decision. Berlin stands out as an attractive location for ambitious entrepreneurs, companies and investors worldwide – the United States of America is its top investor!

We support companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs. Focus industries: healthcare, ICT, transport/mobility/logistics, energy technologies, photonics; as well as the manufacturing and service industries. 

Working in close collaboration with Berlin Partner, IHK Berlin Chamber of Commerce and others building bridges between both sides of the Atlantic.

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Kristina L. García

Managing Director

Tel: +1 631-303-8866

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