AUXOLAR implements energetic modernizations with solar energy (so-called apartment-related solar plants) in residential districts and this without complex contract models. The strategy of apartment- related photovoltaic systems represents an alternative to the solution of tenant electricity for multi-family houses, which is a german model for PV systems for tenants, where the supply usually runs through third parties.

The turnkey solution is designed to install residential PV systems on the roof as part of energy refurbishments in the existing housing stock and new buildings. This means that, in contrast to tenant electricity models, landlords can pass on the investment costs as energy modernization to the cold rent. In the case of new buildings, they can integrate them directly into the rent. In addition, no expensive metering infrastructure is required, since the PV system reduces consumption and is an integral part of the apartment. As a result, the tenant can continue to freely choose his electricity provider for his remaining electricity needs.

The control, monitoring and optimization of consumption and production for each apartment is done via the central IoT platform solargenius®, a digital platform for managing small, residential PV systems. The solargenius® gateway is used to integrate PV inverters, electricity sensors, and integration into the grid operator’s feed-in management system. In the future, it is also planned to integrate heat pumps, battery storage and charging stations as well as to react flexibly to regulatory changes.

Among the tenets, a service is planned that will enable P2P trading of solar power. In addition, the data is to be made available to energy supply companies so that they can offer flexible prices through the solargenius® platform. Not only will utility companies be able to use the tenant’s real-time load curve, but tenants will also gain insight into their energy-intensive appliances, which they can in turn replace as an energy efficiency measure. For sales partners, AUXOLAR plans to set up a Germany- wide installation service, which can include the planning and handling of solar projects as well as the operation of the solargenius® platform as a white label solution.

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