Connecting urban ecosystems

"Connecting urban ecosystems"

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December 9
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News & Events

New German government coalition aims for 15million EV cars by 2030

The “traffic light” coalition of social democrats (SPD), greens and liberals (FDP) have signed their coalition treaty. A major adaptation of the Mobility sector is the aim of 15 million electric vehicles on German roads by 2030. Besides that, investments in rail should grow to be considerably more than investments in roads and rail freight transport is aimed to increase by 25%. 

Urban Energy & Mobility Network Webinar #1 London – November 24

“What London’s cleantech and mobility sector can offer you” – Let’s start talking about London! Key speakers will highlight the cleantech and mobility sector and share valuable stories from the industry. Sign up now for discussions with experts from the field on the 24th of November to our webinar in collaboration with London & Partners. 


Smart City Tech Week China: Online Webinar from 29 Nov – 3 Dec

In a series of online webinars on Smart Cities in China from November 29th to December 3rd, the investment group Venturous will discuss China’s carbon neutrality goal, its challenges, trends and how Smart Energy technology can make a critical difference to China’s aggressive objective of being carbon neutral by 2060.




Berlin Business Desk China

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Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC)


London & Partners

Berlin Business Office USA

Our Mission

We bring Berlin corporates and startups together with city decision-makers, investors, and sales and business partners from New York, London, Saint Petersburg, Singapore, and Beijing.


Together with city officials and business networks, we identify the challenges faced by other urban regions and how Berlin companies can contribute their products and solutions locally.

We conduct webinars, 1:1 meetings, and workshops that encourage collaboration and exchange with local experts.

Meet stakeholders from urban areas abroad in Berlin at the Urban Energy & Mobility Forum 2022 in March.

Be matched, have 1:1 conversations and make valuable contacts with key stakeholders.

Participate in business trips to our partner regions and meet with potential local business partners on-site.

Get support from our foreign network partners on site and our team in Berlin.

Benefit from the joint appearance of our network and become visible at relevant events at home and abroad.


Urban Energy & Mobility Network: clean tech
Urban Energy & Mobility Network: renewable energies
Renewable Energy
Urban Energy & Mobility Network: sustainable mobility
Mobility & Transport
Urban Energy & Mobility Network: energy efficiency
Energy Storage & Green Hydrogen
Urban Energy & Mobility Network: smart city
Smart City
Urban Energy & Mobility Network: urban energy

Cleantech stands for products or services that reduce negative environmental impacts through significant improvements in energy efficiency, sustainable use of resources, or conservation activities. 

Renewable energy are all sources for power generation, air and water heating or cooling, as well as transportation, that come from solar, wind power, biomass and waste heat recovery.

Sustainable Mobility & Transport describes the use of alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies, as well as the expansion of traditional public transportation services that result in lower emissions, increased transportation efficiency, or a more accessible and usable transportation system.

By coupling batteries with electricity generation from renewable energy sources, this energy can be stored during periods of low demand and released during periods of high demand. Hydrogen storage is another form of chemical energy storage in which electrical energy is converted into hydrogen.

A smart city uses digital solutions to improve the quality of life and efficiency of urban operations and services while ensuring that environmental requirements are met.

Property Technology (Proptech) is the use of digitalization for the real estate industry with regard to increasing energy efficiency in buildings.

Market Insights

Current trends and developments in China’s environmental, building and energy sector

To follow the ambitious goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2060, China has to implement highly ambitious policies and measures. Especially the transport and mobility sector plays a major role in CO2 emissions and needs to undergo a transformation. The newly published report by econet china establishes the role of the transport sector for a climate target policy plan in China.


Development towards smart-city technologies in Russian cities

Cities around the world are taking up action to develop structures of sustainable smart cities. In Russia, recent years show an increase in sustainable development for large cities. The recently published paper on “Smart Cities in Russia: Current Situation and Insights for Future Development”  studies the ongoing transformation, the current state of development and the potential growth of cities in Russia, including St. Petersburg.


Results from three years of the National Platform Future of Mobility

The new report by the National Platform Future of Mobility calls for an “urgent need for action in the transport sector”.  Their results from three years in the mobility sector show that a transformation in the mobility sector is necessary to battle climate change. Digitalisation needs to be at the core of this transformation to reach a sustainable future in the transport sector.


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